You move by walking! Yes, one foot after the other, from one cash point to the next. You will need to move in range of a cash point to interact with it!

You can get an extended duration range boost or huge amounts of XP once every 24 hours. Set an alarm and time it well cos your next reward is only avalible for 24 hours. The more regular you are, the more rewards you get and the better the rewards become!

Everyone over 12 years old up to +100 years. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world or where you are. 
Anyone with a mobile phone and an internet connection can play World Hidden Cash.

You can download the game to your mobile device on App Store or Google Play
Wishing you the best of luck on your treasure hunt!

No, the game is entirely free to download and play!

The game is financed entirely by advertising.

If you have gathered 1500 coins (US$15) you are ready to cash out! Good job!
Payment will be made within 7 days. Payee will be responsible for all transaction fees.

No, we have a minimum limit of 1500 coins (US$15) to make a withdrawal but no upper limit.

Yes, you can open any cash point once every 5 minutes with no limit to the number of cash points.

Just visit any cash point on the map and open it once you are in range.

You can find anything from a few cents up to hundreds of dollars. The more cash points you open, the greater the chance of hitting the jackpot!

Coins! Or in other words, money! Successfully opening a cash point will get you a random number of coins. The more cash points you claim, the higher the chance of striking it big!

Ensure that you have given location permissions (GPS) in your device settings to World Hidden Cash. This game is meant to be played outdoors and GPS may not work indoors.

A steady internet connection is needed to play the game. VPNs or other assoicated software may cause the game to not function as expected and should be turned off while playing.

Payment providers charge transaction fees and taxes depending on geographical location and territories. We unfortunately, cannot control those fees or waive them.

Cashing out one large amount instead of many smaller ones will result in lower transaction fees and more money for you!

Currently, the account, collected coins, experience and levels are linked to a single device. Logging in to the same account on another device is not possible.

Yes you may! However, the accounts will not be linked and each device will have its own unique account.

Yes! If you play as a family, you may wish to take advantage of this to consolidate all your cash outs into one PayPal account for a bigger treat!

If you cash out multiple accounts within the same hour to the same PayPal account, you can save on transaction fees as well.